Organizing Committee

  Mónica Desirée Sánchez Aranegui

PhD in Arts (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, UCM, 2015), graduate in Psychology (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED, 2006). Master in coaching, emotional intelligence, relational and cognitive science (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, UAH, 2016), master in creative and documentary (EFTI, 2006). PHD assistant in the Visual and Artistic Education Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Vice-dean of Equality policies, Social Responsability and Culture, UAM. She has performed her teaching activity also as associated lecturer at Fine Arts School UCM, in the Painting Department (2016-2019).  For four years she has been the Director of de Fine Arts oficial degree at TAI University Center, assigned to King Juan Carlos University, where she has worked also as lecturer. Director of the Expert in Design, Visual Arts and Digital Creation qualification. Member of ITC, Instituto Universitario Tecnología Del Conocimiento, UCM, and of the following researching groups: GICE (Educative Change for Social Justice Researching Group), UAM; ACIS (Grupo Mitocritica), UCM; ARTS AND TECHNOLOGIES IN LEADERSHIP (ATL): The Global Pre-Texts Project. Study Group at RCC at Harvard. She collaborate with several universities and institutions imparting workshops about diverse topics. She combines her career as teacher and researcher as trainer of trainer, therapist, visual thinking facilitator, as well as artistic creation. She has won numerous prizes and she has shown her work at numerous expositions, either individual or collective. Multidisciplinary artist. Her main researching topic is the usage of art to encourage creativity and work emotional regulation for the development and well-being of the individual.



  Mª Dolores Pérez Bravo

Phd in Psychology (UAM, 2015). Graduate in Psychology (UAM, 2002). Associate professor at the Evolutionary and Educative Psychology Department at the Teacher Training School, UAM. Collegiate member of the College of Psychologists CM01017. President of the Asociación de Mujeres Arte-Terapia ALCE. Master in Childhood and Adolescence Rights (IUNDIA-UNICEF). Expert in University Teaching degree.




  Mª José Álvarez Barrio.

Qualified in EGB (Preeschool) in 1992 and Graduate in Physical Education in 1996. Advanced Studies diploma through the doctorate program: Psychological development and Scholar Learning. Evolutionary and Educative Psychology Department, 2001. Between 1989 and 1998 she makes training courses for instructors and trainers in various federations (basketball, swimming and aerobic), besides several training courses related to Body Language (ballroom dance, international dance, indoor cycle, aerobic, fitness, etc.). She has participated in numerous national and international Symposiums, Sessions and Congress in Physical Education. Professor of Body Language in the courses corresponding to the degree in Physical Education and CCAFD at the Teacher Training School since 1999, besides giving different subjects in different master degrees, related to body language and rhythmic activities. She participates as speaker in training courses for teachers and graduates in PE. She has also written several articles about Body Language, PE, Physical Activity and Health in journals and book chapters. She’s a member of the Physical Activity, Education and Health Researching group of the UAM (AFAES-UAM). First Prodeporte prize in PE teacher category, 2018. Vice-dean of University Extension, Cooperation and Culture between 2014 and 2018 and Vice-dean of Equality policies, Social Responsability and Culture between 2018 and 2019 at the Teacher Training School, UAM.


 Gema de Pablo González

PhD in Education (UAM, 2016). Graduate in Psychology (UAM, 1993). Master in Executive and Enterprise Coaching (Universidad de Salamanca, 2010). Master in Information and Knowledge Society (UOC, 2008). Double postgrade in Gender Equality Technical Officer and Gender Equality Training Technician (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, 2019). Associate professor of Evolutionary and Educative Psychology Department at the Teacher Training School, UAM. President of “Fundación Siglo22”, focused on educational innovation and gender equality. Founding partner of Jaitek, Tecnología y Formación, enterprise focused on educational and training innovation. Member of GICE (Educative Change for Social Justice Researching Group), UAM. In addition, she coordinates several projects linked with educative learning in various schools and educative centres.